What’s included:

  • 1 hour presentation and Q&A session with a Contagious retail innovation expert
  • Delivered in-person to you and your team at your offices

No category is more fascinating than retail right now. An unprecedented period of reinvention and reorganisation is creating a landscape that often seems sharply divided between the relentless pursuit of convenience and a near-religious belief that ‘experience’ is the answer to everything. 

This Contagious briefing will spotlight the companies pioneering retail from opposite ends of the experience spectrum – from the minimum viable retail of staffless convenience stores to the high-touch holistic approach adopted by some of our most storied brands. 

The session will focus on what connects the brands leading the change rather than what separates them. As the fundamental infrastructure of retail reconfigures around the individual shopper, one thing is clear: consumers have never had it so good. We’ll outline what that means for your brand.

What you’ll get out of this session:

  • How major players and disruptive startups are anticipating and adapting to new technologies and customer expectations
  • Insights into the biggest opportunities and threats to your business in the short and longer term
  • How to get one step ahead of competitors by understanding the changing dynamic of retail and what you should be doing about it

This briefing is suitable for all retail brands, all agencies with retail clients and is perfect for lunch and learns, management meetings or agency/client workshops.


'Our Contagious briefing was beautifully delivered, the session was engaging and content perfectly tailored to the audience.' 

Marina Banks, Managing Partner, Head of Account Management, Ogilvy


Questions? Email us at briefings@contagious.com