Marketing leaders are having to take on more responsibility than previously expected: 75% of chief marketing officers are preparing to assume responsibility for the entire customer journey by 2020, though only 33% claim to have it today. That means they must identify a wider array of partners to work with than ever before.

Meanwhile, their traditional agency partners see competitors from unexpected quarters moving in on their patch, forcing them to work harder to ensure their own house is in order.

Created by the Contagious Insider consultancy to aid our work with brands and agencies across the globe, the MaShCreaTr (Make, Share, Create Transform) map helps companies of all sizes make sense of the new Adland landscape.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand where different marketing skillsets sit, and how players from across the map can collaborate effectively
  • Learn how new platforms are changing the way marketers brief and agencies execute
  • Understand individual and department challenges across the marketing landscape and how to address them



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