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How to Win Awards and Influence Juries

Awards play a vital role in this industry. Agencies and brands build their reputation on the recognition of their peers, and in advertising there is no bigger stage for winning that recognition than Cannes.

This article will bring you up to speed with all these things and provide context through Contagious’ expert analysis.

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How to Win in 2018

This briefing will inspire and equip your team with the knowledge to succeed in the year ahead and turn the biggest and most important trends happening in the world of marketing into real opportunities to ensure your organisation wins in 2018.

What’s included:

  • 1-hour presentation and Q&A session with a Contagious expert
  • Delivered in-person to you and your team at your offices
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Retail Reconnected 

This presentation shines a spotlight on the companies pioneering retail – from the minimum viable retail of staffless convenience stores to the high-touch holistic approach adopted by some of our most storied brands.

What you'll get out of this session:

  • 1-hour presentation and Q&A session with a Contagious retail innovation expert
  • Delivered in-person to you and your team at your office


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Special Report: Tackling Trust

It's an essential ingredient behind every successful relationship, but a series of high-profile global events has resulted in consumer trust plummeting to an all-time low.

This report includes:

  • The five values that all brands must exhibit to be trusted
  • Exclusive research on changing attitudes towards trust

Examples from the world's most forward-thinking brands



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Cannes Deconstructed

After the festival, our unique analysis is delivered in 1 hour presentation called Cannes Deconstructed. 

What you'll get out of this session:

  • An understanding of Cannes Lions 2017’s key trends
  • Objective analysis of the award-winning work
  • Interviews with jury presidents and judges
  • Takeouts from the press conferences 

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The Most Contagious 2016 Report

The Most Contagious Report is our annual round-up of the key movements, trends, creative work and ideas of the year, including:

  • Machine Learning
  • Realities
  • Humanised Computing
  • Less Social, More Media




A New Map for an Ever-Expanding Adland

Marketing leaders are having to take on more responsibility than previously expected. Meanwhile, their agency partners see competitors from unexpected quarters moving in on their patch, forcing them to work harder than ever.

Our MaShCreaTr (Make, Share, Create Transform) map helps both brands and agencies make sense of the new landscape.



The Habits of Highly Contagious Agencies

Contagious editor Alex Jenkins set out to find the common practices – the habits of highly Contagious agencies, if you will – shared by those who set the standard for the rest of the industry, the Contagious Pioneers.


In this report, we explore how agencies foster successful, long-term client relationships and define the remit of creativity itself.



The Contagious Guide to Creative Excellence

The hardest task in this industry falls not to the individuals whose job it is to come up with brave new ideas, but to the clients who risk their jobs in approving them. 

In this guide, we take you through the best practices of companies achieving consistent creative excellence.



The Most Contagious 2017 Report

The Most Contagious Report is our annual analysis of the key changes happening throughout technology, consumer culture and marketing. It is designed to help brands and agencies win in 2018.

Themes include:

  • Transparency Trailblazers 
  • Modern Masculinity 
  • The Political Lifestyle 
  • Dynamic Data




How Brands Can Change Attitudes

This Contagious report features case studies showing how marketers have changed attitudes - either towards a brand or even an entire category.

Featuring exclusive interviews with VPs of global marketing, planning directors and group creative heads, this report shows brands overcoming entrenched beliefs in order to boost consideration, sales and change behaviour.




Can Data Science Crack the Creative Code?

presented in partnership with Razorfish 

In the first study of its kind, Razorfish and Contagious analyzed 15 years of Cannes Lions entries and awards to reveal the patterns, attributes and secrets behind the world’s top creative performers.

While some findings are what you’d expect, many will surprise you. 



Toolkit for Transformation

presented in partnership with Razorfish Global

Modern marketing has become a complicated puzzle of platforms, people, stories and systems that now needs properly piecing together. Learn what the next decade of progress will look like from leaders at Airbnb, Mondelez International, Qantas and more. 

This report is based on the acclaimed presentation from the 2015 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.



From Niche to Movement to Mainstream: How Cultures Grow

presented in partnership with Lapiz

Contagious, in partnership with Lapiz, examined what the mainstreaming of two previously niche movements, hip-hop and food trucks, can tell us about how cultural expressions break out of humble beginnings to become pop culture powerhouses.




The Most Contagious 2015 Report

The Most Contagious Report is our annual round-up of the key movements, trends, creative work and ideas of the year, including:
  • Evolution of Communication
  • Virtual Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Mobile Video
  • and more